We've partnered with Living Hope to make the 2020 Madiba Day the best one yet



#ACTIONAGAINSTPOVERTY is our latest project in our partnership with Living Hope. 2020 has not been the easiest year for South Africa, but we are aiming to make this year's Madiba Day the BEST one yet! We are aiming to help Living Hope collect 670 (67 x 10) of the following essential items:

  • Knitted Beanies

  • Children's Face Masks

  • Non-Perishable Food Items

  • Jars of Hope (fill an empty coffee jar with 1/2 cup soup mix; 1/2 cup lentils; 1/2 cup rice; 1 unwrapped stock cube; 1 packet of soup power)

All items can be dropped off at Living Hope in Capri on Friday 17th July between 9 am and 2 pm. We are happy to collect the items from you. Please contact us and we'll make a plan!

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