Nikos Christodoulou



My name is Nikos Christodoulou. I am a proud SACS student with many interests and passions. One of these is helping the underprivileged. Being fortunate enough to attend an institution like SACS, I feel that it is very important to recognize the opportunity I've been given and not to take my education for granted. It needs to be acknowledged that many people in our country - through no fault of their own - simply cannot afford to send their children to school with all they need to facilitate their education. 


I joined 67 Kids To School because I believe that it is selfish of me to use my education only to benefit myself. This is why I have joined many outreach projects since I started at SACS and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. However, they have also shed light on how dire the situation is in some parts of our beloved country; and how large the difference in lifestyle is between the wealthy and those on or below the breadline.

It saddens me to think that many of my fellow countrymen have to grapple with such an existence. This gave the team and I even more motivation to get involved so that we could offer assistance. We want to give these Shining Stars a fighting chance and help them become the leaders of the future that this country needs. Although we can only help as many as money allows, at least we are trying and it's actively making a difference.

“Just focus on the one heart, and the one person and the one life that you are changing and remembering that that counts. That is more important than anything else.”

― Rachel Kolisi



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