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2020 has been quite a year, so we've teamed up with Rafiki - the Spirit of Education - to spread extra joy this Festive Season!




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2020 has not been the greatest year - to put it mildly. COVID-19 has turned the world upside-down. It has forced us to put our lives on hold and forced us to distance ourselves from those we love. However, it has also taught us a few very important lessons. It has taught us the importance of friends and family; of our health; of compassion and empathy; of taking time to smell the roses and of never taking one day or one action for granted. Most importantly it has taught as the lesson of interdependence and Ubuntu. No man is an island - we are all connected in the Great Circle of Life.

Ubuntu is an integral part of who we are as Africans. I am because you are. It means that we do not let your fellow man suffer or want for anything. We attend to their needs; recognize their Humanity and help them along Life's long road. In exchange, they do the same for us. The importance of Ubuntu has been highlighted by the Pandemic as we realize the true extent of our interconnectedness. 

The Festive Season is an incredibly important time of year. It is a time to spread love and joy. There is an old adage that says that it is better to give than to receive. That is particularly true now - the season of giving back. This year. This year, I'd like your help to give the ultimate gift - the gift of education!

Many of our less-fortunate neighbours have been hit particularly hard by the Pandemic, an event that has made their already difficult lives even harder. While a small minority of students in this country were able to retain some semblance of educational normality through online learning, the vast majority had their studies interrupted. We do not know how long this Pandemic will last, but we would like to give the next generation of Grade 1s the easiest start possible.

In honour of the Festive Season, we would like to give an additional 10

Shining Stars       the best possible start in life! In order to make this Christmas Dream a reality, we need to raise an additional R10 000​We ask that you look deep into your hearts and give whatever you can. The GUARDIAN ANGELS have never let us down before. Just as Ubuntu is an inherently African trait, so too is incredible generosity. 

Every GUARDIAN ANGEL who helps us to change the world this Festive Season will receive an extra special surprise from me!

Help me and 67 Kids To School spread some extra special joy this Festive Season by giving the gift that keeps on giving - EDUCATION!


Asante Sana!


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